However, Lucie Jones gave a stunning performance of "Never Give Up On You" and we finished a respectable 15th, well above our position last year of 24th. But it happens under restrictions. #eurovision2017… This was Portugal’s first victory in the Eurovision Song Contest which came 53 years since their debut. Read our community guidelines in full, The latest offers and discount codes from popular brands on Telegraph Voucher Codes, Portugal's Salvador Sobral wins Eurovision 2017, A nude stage invader crashes the interval act, Portugal's Salvador Sobral is named Eurovision winner 2017, Lucie Jones represents the United Kingdom with "Never Give Up on You", Manel Navarro sings "Do It for Your Lover", Italy's Francesco Gabbani performs with his dancing gorilla, X Factor contestant Lucie Jones with her song Never Give Up on You, Portugal's winning act reviewed: "a song that meant something". She appears now, in chain mail, to resurrect her dancing glory days of the early noughties. She reminds us all that she won 20 years ago. We'll see you next May in Portugal when the circus rolls back into town. On YouTube, the Grand Final was watched by some 4 million people, breaking records. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Privacy Notice & Cookie Information. If this were the Grand National, Spain’s horse would be a limping, asthmatic Shetland pony. We give our 12 points to Portugal, very much in line with what everyone else was thinking. Maybe he came straight from showing his grandma how to set up an email address and connect up her smart kettle. Even Jedward. We've made it to the end! Whether you will attend as a visitor or watch it in front of the TV screen, a fantastic event is awating you. So there's no chance of us winning after all - but that's still a respectable score! Thanks for nothing, Ireland. After an intriguing trailer for Eurovision Choir of the Year in July (see you there), it's time for a bit of a rocky vibe now from Ukraine’s O.Torvald and their giant glowing head. How The Crown faked Australia, and almost everything else: the show's VFX mastermind reveals all, The Crown season 4 cast and characters: from Emma Corrin to Gillian Anderson, Bambi meets Machiavelli: why Emma Corrin’s Diana is the best portrayal of the Princess ever seen. Just a mesmerising performance of a simple song written by Salvador's sister. Last year's host Sweden finished 5th, closely behind Belgium, which came 4th. It’s fair to say this is very different from last year’s song from Ukraine, which was Jamala’s heartfelt ballad about Crimean history. But we still saw his bare behind. Are there even any dancers there at all? He has studied at the prestigious Spanish Taller de Musics school and appeared in the 2009 version of the Portuguese Pop Idol where he ended in seventh place. He’s only 17, which is probably why he’s so accomplished with all of the visual technology and effects going on here. In februari 2017, drie maanden voor het songfestival, stapten 21 leden van het organisatiecomité op uit onvrede met teamleider Pavlo Hrytsak. Not all Eurovision fans are equally impressed with this song though. 26 terrific acts sang their hearts out on stage, competing for the ultimate prize; the title of winner of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. @Harry_Styles HARRY WHY WOULD YOU MAKE ME CHOOSE BETWEEN YOU AND EUROVISION I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU IVE ONLY EVER LOVED AND SUPPORTED YOU, @Harry_Styles Sorry angel I'm busy tonight , Eurovision is on, have a good one tho x love from celine. By entering your details, you are agreeing to Radio Times privacy policy. Thanks Australia! In 2010 he participated in the Portuguese version of Idols where he finished in seventh place. Flags ready? Swiftly on to Belarus’s joyful indie-folk duo Naviband, a bit of a surprise qualifier. The final outcome was decided by a 50:50 split between professional juries and televoting from all 42 participants. As was just revealed, Portugal also won the first Semi-Final on Tuesday. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences, Sign up to get the latest entertainment TV news, views and interviews direct to your inbox. This presentation of all of the acts is a bit Hunger Games, isn't it? Belgium are so cool, aren’t they? The day of the final of Eurovision 2017 was such a happy day to finally see my country win Eurovision for the first time. Now, this is one of the biggest surprise hits of the competition so far: an understated, elegant, jazz-tinged solo song from Salvador Sobral, without too much adornment and no bells or whistles. And also to Latvia, who have given us four points! Which he genuinely might. The voting's still open, so that was a handy bit of propaganda there. Look at these cakes and biscuits! European Broadcasting Union, After two closely fought semi-finals, tonight is the main event, with 26 songs battling it out using glitter, pyrotechnics, key changes, judiciously applied folk dances and billowing dresses as their main weapons. There's a little advert for Junior Eurovision now with an actual child. The nation has waited 53 years to win the competition. From Lady Diana to The Blairs and Meghan Markle: who passed the Balmoral Test, and who flunked it? Could we be watching the winner? When he won Festival da Canção, I was shocked and thought that once again, Portugal wasn’t going to get even to the final. Genuinely a very sad moment there, as we hear from Israel's broadcaster which is imminently shutting down, jeopardising the country's future in the competition. Alice Vincent has written a great explainer on who these three are. This is really a beautiful moment, and quite reminiscent of last year, when Ukraine's emotional ballad won over many other far more bombastic songs. Our best wishes for a productive day. Already have an account with us? He continued his music career in Spain, where he studied music and participated in Jazz festivals. Though in a way there's no need, as all 26 of these songs will now just repeat inside your head for the rest of your life. And compared to all of the other more showy contenders, this really stands out as quite beautiful. Spain are this year’s biggest outsiders, with a beachy indie rock song that is all a bit sixth form band end-of-year concert. With 382 points awarded by the national juries, Amar Pelos Dois also received the highest number of jury points. Can’t get to the shops? I sense that this song will be, for many, the highlight of the evening. When he was named the winner, Salvador Sobral claimed it as a victory for quality music. It’s worth noting that most of the favourites this year are singing in languages other than English, which is refreshing to see. Britain's Eurovision entries: what happened next? Is it all just clever lighting? We are deep in the valley of twee now but it would be pretty churlish not to be at least a little bit charmed by Nathan’s moon-based croonings. Rotterdam 2021: Eurovision to take place on the 18th, 20th and 22nd of May 2021, Use your Eurovision 2020 tickets for 2021 - or get a refund.... under these circumstances, Eurovision 2021: 41 countries to appear at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Eurovision 1969: Portugal’s Simone De Oliveira in focus, Junior Eurovision 2020: Russia’s Sofia Feskova in focus, Junior Eurovision 2020: Kazakhstan’s Karakat Bashanova in focus, Albania 2021: All 26 ‘Festivali i Këngës 59’ entries revealed, 12 Eurovision fans about their relationship to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Eurovision 1986: Luxembourg’s Sherisse Laurence in focus, Eurovision 2017: Estonia’s Koit Toome and Laura in focus, Eurovision 1995: Cyprus’ Alex Panayi in focus, Eurovision 2016: Albania’s Eneda Tarifa in focus, Lena Temnikova’s film ‘Sounds’ nominated at the Canberra Short Film Festival, Eurovision 2005: Romania’s Luminitha Anghel in focus, Eurovision 2006: Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Hari Mata Hari in focus, Eurovision 1983: Finland’s Ami Aspelund in focus, Eurovision 2000: Latvia’s Brainstorm in focus, Eurovision 1995: Russia’s Philipp Kirkorov in focus, Vanna recalls nice memories on brand new ballad “Puna Memorija”, Eurovision 2015: Italy’s Il Volo in focus, Live: On location at the Eurovision Eurovision Song Contest. It was a clear winner since first hearing and I could not have been happier as music won and real instruments. Our act this year, Lucie Jones, is - whisper it - really good. Additionally, it is the second song with the biggest winning marging (143 more points than the runner-up). Kasia, who has a glorious husky voice, is wearing the first of what will be several white dresses in tonight’s show. The finalists compete against the ‘Big Five – United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Germany – and host country Ukraine in the grand final on May 13. Levina is also barefoot, which is a classic Eurovision stylistic choice and another one to tick off your bingo card. with “Gravity” from Cyprus. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express De tekst is beschikbaar onder de licentie. Look at those legs! While Lucie Jones is getting the message out there: SHAMELESS PLUG!!! It would be remiss of me not to point out that much of the appeal IMRI seems to have had with fans so far has been focused on his considerable physical assets, rather than his voice. In 2017, Portugal came back to the Eurovision Song Contest after one year of absence. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. For legal reasons though she is technically Danish. By continuing to actively use this website, you agree to our use of cookies. Please enable JavaScript to view the Nobody could begrudge Portugal's Salvador Sobral his win. It could all change, or it could stay the same. We all know where we'd rather be though, don't we? Eurovision Song Contest 2017 result: Portugal won with the song "Amar Pelos Dois" by Salvador Sobral with 758 points Date: 13 May 2017, 21:00 Location: Kyiv International Exhibition Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine Broadcaster: National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine (UA:PBC) Hosts: Oleksandr Skichko, Volodymyr Ostapchuk & Timur Miroshnychenko Slogan: Celebrate Diversity Scorecards ready? Well done Salvador! Before explaining how the combination of phone voting and jury voting works, Graham Norton informs us that he too has had chicken Kiev for dinner tonight. It's fair to say that the trio of white male hosts who were chosen to present a show with the theme of "Celebrate Diversity" were not the most inspired selection. Perhaps I spoke too soon. Alice Vincent has reviewed a winning performer who "tugged on the heartstrings" with his "mournfulness", and a song that pays tribute to Portugal's folk traditions. As the song progresses, gradually the blackboard falls apart. Let's try and forget the hosts' banter ever happened. And what do you give us in return. Here’s your comprehensive list of winners, from the first song contest in 1956 through to last year’s show. The 27-year-old psychology student and Portuguese Pop Idol contestant hoped to win the hearts of the audience with an emotional and passionate performance. But this Australian fan is rooting for the UK! This song is dark and intense, reminding us that Eurovision is serious business. Who cares about the content of this skit? As was just revealed, Portugal also won the first Semi-Final on Tuesday. – At first when I heard him at the semi-final of Festival da Canção, I didn’t like song or the singer. Might be a good time to remember, however, that last year's interval act was Justin Timberlake. (This is also song number nine, and as Graham Norton points out, it's the traditional point to toast the late, great Sir Terry Wogan, who always used to advise not to start drinking before song nine.). Still, if this wins, I'll eat my traditional Ukrainian Ochipok. Things are about to go very fast, so strap in. Yet again, reliable old Sweden have sent a polished Eurovision-friendly song, but is this a little too polished? Salvador Sobral performed in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev. Yes, those are tiny silver wings on his shoes. Martti I. And in a less literal sense, so does Salvador’s smooth voice, and the rest of the music. The Crown Quiz: Would you pass the Balmoral Test? He brought such joy and pride to my country, Portugal. Music is feelings and this was pure, magical feelings! (Perhaps naively) leaning towards a top half finish for GB. That was another risky move, even if she is adorable. You can unsubscribe at any time. Next year we'll be millionaires. Top lass Lucie #Eurovision, Well done / Da iawn @luciejones1 @bbceurovision you did the UK and Wales proud! We're witnessing Eurovision history here, people. And now there's a gang of Star Wars stormtroopers without their helmets for the second interval act, using a mix of traditional instruments and modern electronica. In order to find out what Eurovision fans today think of this Portuguese entry from 2017, we asked our Eurovision Fan Panel. I feel it's very meaningful, in an incomprehensible kind of way. In 2017,… Read more Those dancers are splashing around in puddles at Demy’s feet, or are they? – For some fans this was the worst what ever could have been in Eurovision. It is such an empty song for me that I really cannot make an effort of hearing it again. Get a Tropical Sunset tulip mix at a great price. There was a lot of fan chatter in rehearsals about Blanche being a nervous performer, but she’s nailing this, and what looked like nerves might actually be something more like charming vulnerability? In 2017, Sobral won the Eurovision Song Contest for Portugal. I feel like it would lose the depth of it, Salvador Sobral, Portugal Eurovision 2017 contestant. Stine F. – It’s funny that a song that you forgot after listening to it the first time now really sticks to your mind. But you can’t really argue with an upbeat folky number sung by two people pretending to be cruising along on a flying raft, can you? But don’t let the slightly slapdash staging distract you from how interesting and original this song is. It’s a nice enough song, but it doesn’t stand out in any way for me. Who cares about music, when the Netherlands jury spokesperson is holding a puppy? Michael O. I try to forget Eurovision 2017 as it was a big disappointment for me. If Ed Sheeran had a glittery moon, I mean. It's all to play for. #Eurovision when Ireland decided to vote against the UK, Who needs Ireland when our neighbours Australia gave us 12 #Eurovision, Listen Ireland. Never change, Eurovision. #Eurovision The song actually feels very current though. Onder de mensen die ontslag namen waren Oleksandr Kharebin en Victoria Romanova, de beoogd uitvoerend producenten voor het songfestival in Kiev. Sunstroke Project are the wedding band of your dreams, and have represented Moldova before, in 2010, but now they return with a fully wedding-themed number (again, I told you so - that’s three women in white bride-style dresses to add to your tally) complete with outrageously funky saxophone dancing. Let's go to Kiev! See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, Jon Ola Sand, Eurovision's suspiciously calm chief executive, has issued a message before the show begins: With just 60 minutes to go, a special message from @jonolasand! I can’t stress enough how much the bookies don’t fancy Spain’s chances. On a cheerier note, Albania give eight points to the UK! I have to admit the yodelling has grown on me. Video of the performance, music video and lyrics of the song. Portugal are the winners, for the first time ever! That thump was the sound of people across Europe fainting in shock, having never seen a bottom before. I know many won’t agree but Salvador Sobral’s Amar Pelos Dois brought quality to the contest. And 10 points from us to Australia, so it's a bit of a love-in all round. This is really good - can this win please? It's almost as if everyone has cottoned on to this most predictable of annual Eurovision vote exchanges. But sadly Kasia is performing second, and is therefore almost guaranteed not to win. For more information about how we hold your personal data, please see our privacy policy, 1956 – Switzerland, ‘Refrain’ performed by Lys Assia, 1957 – Netherlands, ‘Net als toen’ performed by Corry Brokken, 1958 – France, ‘Dors mon amour’ performed by Andre Claveau, 1959 – Netherlands, ‘Een Beetje’ performed by Teddy Scholten, 1960 – France, ‘Tom Pillibi’ performed by Jacqueline Boyer, 1961 – Luxembourg, ‘Nous les amoureux’ performed by Jean-Claude Pascal, 1962 – France, ‘Un premier amour’ performed by Isabelle Aubret, 1963 – Denmark, ‘Dansevise’ performed by Grethe and Jorgen Ingmann, 1964 – Italy, ‘Non ho l’eta’ performed by Gigliola Cinquetti, 1965 – Luxembourg, ‘Poupee de cire, poupée de son’ performed by France Gall, 1966 – Austria, ‘Merci Cherie’ performed by Udo Juergens, 1967 – UK, ‘Puppet on a String’ performed by Sandie Shaw, 1968 – Spain, ‘La, la, la’ performed by Massiel, 1969 – 4-way tie! Enjoy Salvador Sobral’s performance from the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in the embedded video. Jon Ola Sand, the Eurovision's Executive Supervisor, confirms in his usual glittering style that the votes have been processed. Where's the charm, the fun, the quirkiness, Sweden? Er was veel kritiek op de weinige progressie die onder zijn leiding werd geboekt. Again, this is just the jury votes, but the UK is picking up a respectable few votes here and there. Thanks! I personally think voters were taken in by the personal story of Salvador Sobral. Bridalwear is very much in this year for some reason. And they did it in fine style, too, with an elegant and understated song that shone among all the over-the-top silliness of the rest of the night. Salvador Sobral venceu o Festival Eurovisão da Canção, the website of broadcaster RTP headlined. They always seem to send a moody and edgy Eurovision entry that sounds totally fresh. Italy finished 6th at Eurovision 2017 with 334 points Not long to go. We're now only a few minutes away from going live to Kiev for the show to begin. #Eurovision If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night thinking, ‘But which year did ABBA win?’ then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. And there’s a dancing gorilla. And a whole lot of sexy lip-biting. “You can get the message even if you don’t understand the lyrics,” she said. Salvador's sister is singing with him now. I don’t know if this will win Eurovision, but surely it’s a shoo-in for some kind of award at this year’s Edinburgh Festival. This is one of the favourites and I hope it does well. Linete A. Francesco Gabbani - “Occidentali's Karma". Here she is, the UK’s very own Lucie Jones! With this deal from Hayloft you can get the bulbs from just each 47p each! The Netherlands are now preparing for their fifth time hosting the contest in 2021. It is one of the ten songs that got the highest percentage of available points. This is very slick and very glamorous, and deserves to score just as highly as Australia’s previous entries have done. Potentially the year. #eurovision, A post shared by Andrew Mc (@andrewmcchase) on May 13, 2017 at 7:40am PDT. Greece is next! Artsvik is another case of serious Eurovision business, with slick modern dancing, a statement hairstyle, and a stunning voice, probably one of the best in the contest tonight. Probably best not to dwell on that, actually. This video content is no longer available, To watch The Telegraph's latest video content please visit, You need to be a subscriber to join the conversation. It's stockbrokers out on the town in Shoreditch. News, photos, videos and full episode guide, Every Eurovision Song Contest winner by year, When is Eurovision: Come Together on? It was the second time Ukraine hosted the contest, the first time was in 2005, also in Kyiv. If that didn’t get you in the mood, nothing will. This is a masterpiece. What’s with all the airborne numbers? For now, my friends, it’s time for the yodelling. This is patently ridiculous but at this point we’re all sufficiently delirious that I think the best thing to do is give in to it. Poland will probably never again reach the dizzy heights of their sexy butter-churning milkmaids of 2014, an entry which lives long in the memory of all who beheld it. However, in the end there could be just one winner and that was Portugal's Salvador Sobral. Find out more, The Telegraph values your comments but kindly requests all posts are on topic, constructive and respectful. Cyprus and Greece vote for each other, surprising nobody, but interestingly earning some boos from the audience. You can unsubscribe at any time. San Marino give us six points, which means we've already escaped the dreaded nul points. However, in the end there could be just one winner and that was Portugal's Salvador Sobral. This is IMRI with our curtain-raiser tonight for Israel, “I Feel Alive”. “It was easy to sing it because it really talks to me and tells me something.”. But things are infinitely more refined in Sweden. I could be wrong though. Incidentally, as excitement mounts in the office, Alice has just eaten her first ever mini Scotch egg. we use them is contained in the Cookies section of the Right, I'm going to pitch this idea to the European Broadcasting Union. Moreover, Amar Pelos Dois’ victory broke several records. The song he performed is Amar Pelos Dois (For The Both Of Us), which is written and performed specifically for him by his sister Luisa. He's in good company. You don’t have to sing in English, you don’t need to have many neighbours voting for you if you send the right song. There’s a chance for a bit of a mental breather now after that life-changing performance from Croatia, as Australia’s entry is nice straightforward pop from the impeccably named Isaiah Firebrace, who is only 17. #ESC2017 This was the first time that Portugal qualified to the final since 2010. ❤️#Eurovisionuk #EUROVISION2017, Lucie Jones is a world away from Engelbert et al from years gone by. And some of them are not happy, as Helena Horton reports. While you wait for Eurovision 2021 check out the full list of the Eurovision 2020 acts. And if you feel like you can’t go on, Sweden is right there with you. We remain truly up in the air with Armenia. What an evening it has been!! In his song, Salvador Sobral wishes that his beloved one comes back and loves him again. If you haven't already put your celebratory chicken Kiev in the oven, put it in now, and it'll be ready by the time that Italy perform. In fact, Luísa had to replace Salvador during the first rehearsals in Kiev because of his heart condition. And doesn't she look gorgeous? To get us in the mood, here's what you need to know about the UK's entry this year, Lucie Jones. Support EuroVisionary on, Written by Álvaro Sanabria-Rangel from Finland/Colombia. Salvador Sobral will represent Portugal in the 2017 Eurovision song contest in Ukraine, Eurovision 2017: Ukraine bans Russian singer over Crimea visit, Eurovision Song Contest 2017: Russia PULLS OUT over Ukraine ban, Angry Europeans to use EUROVISION to punish UK for leaving. Salvador Sobral from Portugal has won the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with the beautiful song Amar Pelos Dois. Number 18. Though at some points we dared to hope that 2017 might be the year that the UK ended our two-decade drought and won Eurovision once more, it was not to be. And fake saxophone playing. Order a copy of the magical Christmas edition and calendar direct to your door. Or we could just have a quick cup of tea before Eurovision Choir of the Year in July? Naviband is led by Arciom Lukjanienka on guitar and Ksienija Žuk on vocals and happy dancing. {en} Eurovision streaker Vitalii Sediuk could face five years in jail,, Wikipedia:Geen afbeelding lokaal en wel op Wikidata, Wikipedia:Commonscat met lokaal zelfde link als op Wikidata, Creative Commons Naamsvermelding/Gelijk delen, Elk land verdeelt twee sets van 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 en 12 punten; één via televoting en één via een vakjury. Moldova came third with 374 points, at quite a distance from the winner and the runner-up. This makes Amar Pelos Dois not only the first victory by Portugal in Eurovision. Don't worry Katrina, we haven't forgotten. Is Eurovision heading more towards subtlety and emotion, and away from bright colours and zany novelty acts? The Portuguese singer had 21/10 odds of winning in the grand final on May 13, according to Betfair. This song is apparently about cleansing the soul from the pollution of the internet and social media, through the power of rock music. Continuing our journey through Ukrainian Eurovision legends of yore, we now have an interval performance from Ruslana, who won the contest for Ukraine in 2004 with "Wild Dances" and was also an MP in the Ukrainian parliament. We try to get answers. But, on the bright side, not all of them! And we're off! I'll leave it with you. And the voting is already coming in, beginning with Sweden! Someone just gave a masterclass in stardom #Boom #LucieJones Everyone else leave the room! Do we dare to dream? He won the semi-final with 370 points. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. But not too much, because lo, there is also a rap breakdown! The Crown: Gold Stick, season 4 episode 1 review: enter Diana, the Iron Lady and a spot of bad taste, The Crown, season 4 review: Diana's arrival turns the drama against the royals. No folk song is complete without one. The first semi-finals of the Eurovision took place on Tuesday May 9 and Thursday May 11 between 8pm BST (9pm CEST local time) and about 10pm BST (11pm CEST). EBU just confirmed that tickets already bought for the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest are valid for next year. Amar Pelos Dois was written by Luísa Sobral, Salvador’s sister. Eurovision cakes made (Sorry Australia ) #Eurovision #CelebrateDiversity @bbceurovision @Eurovision, Most stressful 3 hours of my life (I now hate fondant icing) but yaay #Eurovision biscuits! The 26 finalists were made up of 20 qualifiers from the first and second Semi-Finals held on the 9th and 11th of May, and six automatic qualifiers including the so-called 'Big Five' countries  — France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom — and host country Ukraine. Salvador represented Portugal on Saturday May 13 in the grand final of Eurovision in a bid to become the first Portuguese entry to win the contest. She seemed quite nervous too. We're still on the left side of the scoreboard for now. “I heard the song and I immediately thought this is a beautiful song, it’s a simple song,” he said. It's a bit like Ed Sheeran, isn't it? Many fans at the venue were brought to tears as Salvador was joined on stage by his sister Luísa, who also wrote and composed Amar Pelos Dois, when performing the reprise of their winning song. Geruc… You know you want to. Het regelen van belichting, podiumontwerp en geluidssysteem was ernstig vertraagd en belangrijke contracten waren nog niet getekend. Alexander S. – Amar Pelos Dois is performed very beautiful, it’s a sensitive song, pure poetry for our está.

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