Beyond local contrast and extent, these scale-space blobs also measured how stable image structures are in scale-space, by measuring their scale-space lifetime. ) The Blob gets angry and turns its attention towards him and flips the truck over, knocking off its liquid nitrogen canisters. 5 ^ {\displaystyle {\hat {t}}} When she enters the room, she witnesses the audience fleeing in panic along with the Blob snatching up some unfortunate victims, including a woman with her head half-dissolved. , A local extremum with extent defined in this way was referred to as a grey-level blob. x ) As the Blob tries to get into the truck, Meg shoots the Blob to distract it from Brian and rigs the canisters with explosive charges. Anche se il budget prefissato era di 120 000 dollari, il film finì per costarne solo 110 .chiarimento{background:#ffeaea;color:#444444}.mw-parser-output .chiarimento-apice{color:red}[senza fonte], Per rappresentare l'informe creatura che venne chiamata Blob, fu utilizzata una mistura di silicone verniciata di rosso fragola. L The blob points Afterwards, the Blob reenters the sewers while Reverend Meeker sees the creature and goes over to the diner to investigate, where he sees the frozen pieces of the Blob that were left behind and puts them in a glass jar. Il grande cinema di fantascienza: aspettando il monolito nero (1902-1967), “Blob-Fluido Mortale” questa sera al Cinema Europa, International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival,, Voci non biografiche con codici di controllo di autorità, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo, La pellicola ha ispirato in Italia il titolo dell'omonimo programma di, Nel 1997 è stata trasmessa una serie animata per bambini intitolata. This page was last edited on 17 October 2020, at 23:26. ( L'uomo, ormai sconvolto, dopo aver sparato invano sulla creatura mostruosa si barrica disperatamente all'interno del bagno. Nel 1977 viene ridistribuito anche il 13 aprile in Francia e il 29 luglio in Finlandia. / There is also the related notion of ridge detection to signal the presence of elongated objects. It then oozes into an ice rink where it consumes more people before chasing Lisa, Bobby, and the ice rink manager into the commentator's booth. ^ s She flees to notify the police and her boyfriend Bobby Hartford, but when they investigate Chester's house, the Blob has disappeared and Lisa's claims are dismissed. The old man is found by a couple, Steve Andrews and Jane Martin who take him to Dr. Hallen, who realizes that the Blob is dissolving the old man and tries to amputate the arm. She takes a satchel charge and an M16 rifle from a dying soldier. Later, Lisa, Bobby, and another friend of theirs, Leslie drive by and see the Blob and Joe's car. The Blob, diretto da Larry Hagman, noto ai più per aver interpretato in seguito J.R. Ewing nella soap opera Dallas.[3]. Reverend Meeker sees the ensuing carnage and believes it to be prophecy. The Blob attempts to get inside, but the townspeople hold it off with furniture barricades and CO2 extinguishers, but it is a losing battle and Deputy Briggs is killed. = {\displaystyle s=s_{0}} An early prototype of simplified vision systems was developed where such regions of interest and scale descriptors were used for directing the focus-of-attention of an active vision system. x As people flee the theater in a blind panic, Lt. Dave enters the theater and encounters the Blob, whom he attempts to kill, but finds that bullets have no effect and retreats, stopping his deputy from entering. T. Lindeberg ``Scale invariant feature transform, T. Lindeberg and J.-O. Steve McQueen (accreditato come Steven McQueen), nonostante interpretasse il ruolo di un teenager nel film, aveva già 27 anni all'epoca delle riprese. He picks up the Blob with the branch to observe it, but the Blob attaches itself to his right hand. The Laplacian operator has been extended to spatio-temporal video data by Lindeberg,[6] leading to the following two spatio-temporal operators, which also constitute models of receptive fields of non-lagged vs. lagged neurons in the LGN: For the first operator, scale selection properties call for using Steve manages to use the diner's phone to tell Dave the Blob's weakness to the cold. The scale selection properties of the Laplacian operator and other closely scale-space interest point detectors are analyzed in detail in (Lindeberg 2013a). {\displaystyle L(x,y,t)} (2002) were interested in defining image descriptors that are robust under perspective transformations. La colonna sonora è di Ralph Carmichael. Origin L This in practice highly useful property implies that besides the specific topic of Laplacian blob detection, local maxima/minima of the scale-normalized Laplacian are also used for scale selection in other contexts, such as in corner detection, scale-adaptive feature tracking (Bretzner and Lindeberg 1998), in the scale-invariant feature transform (Lowe 2004) as well as other image descriptors for image matching and object recognition. Occupation The old man is found by a couple, … They studied level sets in the intensity landscape and measured how stable these were along the intensity dimension. L As Joe, Lisa and Bobby's friend, drives down the road, he sees the now-massive Blob blocking the path ahead of him and tries to turn around, but he's going to fast to stop and he ends up steering out of control, crashing straight into the Blob. [1] In early work in the area, blob detection was used to obtain regions of interest for further processing. t {\displaystyle L(x,y,t)} In this way, we can define affine-adapted versions of the Laplacian/Difference of Gaussian operator, the determinant of the Hessian and the Hessian-Laplace operator (see also Harris-Affine and Hessian-Affine). However, this is not the end of the Blob, as Meeker, who was disfigured and driven insane by the attack, preaches for the Day of Reckoning (commonly known as the Apocalypse). ) , this image is convolved by a Gaussian kernel, at a certain scale In practice, affine invariant interest points can be obtained by applying affine shape adaptation to a blob descriptor, where the shape of the smoothing kernel is iteratively warped to match the local image structure around the blob, or equivalently a local image patch is iteratively warped while the shape of the smoothing kernel remains rotationally symmetric (Lindeberg and Garding 1997; Baumberg 2000; Mikolajczyk and Schmid 2004, Lindeberg 2008). A region with spatial extent defined from a watershed analogy was associated with each local maximum, as well a local contrast defined from a so-called delimiting saddle point., Wikipedia articles that are too technical from September 2009, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The diner owner, Fran Hewitt, along with Brian and Meg, walks in to see George's corpse being dragged into the drain as the Blob emerges. Millgate parlò della sua trovata al distributore Jack Harris di Filadelfia che, a sua volta, contattò la Valley Forge Films, piccola casa di produzione specializzata in film educativi e religiosi, che decise di finanziare l'opera. y t Then, comparisons were made between nearest neighbours of either pixels or connected regions. {\displaystyle r={\sqrt {2t}}} ( In a panic, Lisa accidentally turns on the air conditioner, making the Blob retreat, establishing its vulnerability to cold as in the original film (though the characters, also as in the 1958 original, do not immediately make the connection). Meg sees Brian in danger and goes to help him. Through a crack on the meteorite, he sees something moving inside and uses a tree branch to poke inside, picking out the small Blob, which quickly attaches itself to the Can Man's hand. / When Fran manages to get a hold of the sheriff's office, she learns that Sheriff Geller is not present, and that's when the Blob presents her with Sheriff Geller's dissolving corpse. Set a flag which allows the blob to grow. 0 In un primo momento provano a fulminarlo, sottoponendolo a una violentissima scossa elettrica, ma l'azione non sortisce alcun risultato se non quello di provocare l'incendio del locale. The Blob comes from a small meteorite that falls on Earth. The townspeople flee from the Blob, and it chases after them, snatching up a few unfortunate victims. Nel 1958 è stato inoltre distribuito nelle sale il 17 ottobre in Brasile. {\displaystyle \gamma _{\tau }=3/4} , When Mariane goes outside looking for Samuel, the Blob ambushes her. f A straightforward way to obtain a multi-scale blob detector with automatic scale selection is to consider the scale-normalized Laplacian operator, and to detect scale-space maxima/minima, that are points that are simultaneously local maxima/minima of Matas et al. Besides minor technicalities, however, this operator is in essence similar to the Laplacian and can be seen as an approximation of the Laplacian operator. 1 The maximally stable extremal regions can be seen as making a specific subset of the grey-level blob tree explicit for further processing. The Blob Fran screams at the sight as the Blob bursts into the phone booth and captures her. is performed according to. The Blob venne diretto da Irvin Yeaworth, regista d'esperienza che aveva già diretto più di 400 pellicole tra documentari educativi e religiosi. t s All'epoca non ne sapevo molto. = Else, it has one or more higher neighbours, which are all parts of the same blob. However, she ends up getting her foot caught. Viene poi ridistribuito negli Stati Uniti nel 1964 e il 25 ottobre 2008 all'International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival. 2 T. Lindeberg and J.-O. Moreover, the grey-level blob detection method was embedded in a scale space representation and performed at all levels of scale, resulting in a representation called the scale-space primal sketch. Eklundh, "Scale detection and region extraction from a scale-space primal sketch", in. τ It is an alien entity that grows bigger by digesting humans and any living thing in its path. A soldier attempts to attack with a flamethrower, but the Blob simply jams the nozzle with a tentacle, causing the flamethrower to backfire and burn the soldier, as well as Meeker, who gets caught in the backdraft. However, it is rather straightforward to extend this approach to other types of watershed constructions. t He leads the two to an exit, but Meddows has the exit blocked, and Brian uses the soldier's rocket launcher to blow the exit open. Evil-doer In the woods, an elderly transient known as the Can Man sees a meteorite crash onto the ground and goes to investigate. There are several motivations for studying and developing blob detectors. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Fluido mortale (The Blob), noto anche come Blob - Fluido mortale, è un film del 1958 diretto da Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. È considerato una pellicola cult[1] nel filone horror fantascientifico;[2] ed è noto anche per essere stato il primo in cui Steve McQueen (con il nome di Steven) ricopre un ruolo primario. {\displaystyle s} , x r {\displaystyle \tau =\tau _{0}} I numerosi spettatori fuggono all'impazzata verso l'esterno del locale, disperdendosi disordinatamente per le strade della cittadina. The most common method for blob detection is convolution. Lindeberg, Tony (2013) "Scale Selection Properties of Generalized Scale-Space Interest Point Detectors", Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, Volume 46, Issue 2, pages 177-210. ) γ Else, if it has at least one higher neighbour, which is background, then it cannot be part of any blob and must be background. In the computer vision literature, this approach is referred to as the difference of Gaussians (DoG) approach. The three manage to get out of the theater, but they are forced to go into the sewers when they encounter a dead end. t Gelatinous Man-Eater, Ability to dissolve flesh upon contactGrowing bigger by devouring more and moreInvulnerability to conventional weaponsAmorphousness that enables it to squeeze through narrow placesInhuman strengthAbility to merge and disengageDexterityStealthForming tentacles out of its own mass to grab prey from long distance (1988 film only). , Il film ha avuto un sequel quattordici anni dopo, nel 1972, con Beware! Despite the two's attempt to escape, the Blob covers the truck and squeezes in through the gap in the door. Paul then goes to call Sheriff Geller, but the Blob sneaks up on him and drops onto him. on that work. Meg runs into the theater to look for her brother, Kevin and his friend, Eddie. Secondo tali fonti, allo scopo di evitare il sorgere di problemi legati ad omonimie, cambiò ancora il titolo della pellicola, optando quindi per The Blob: «Durante la produzione, ogni membro della troupe venne invitato a ideare un titolo per il film. Moss Woodley then calls for its remains to be stored in the town's ice house. x Mass murder y Powers/Skills Lindeberg, T, Lidberg, Par and Roland, P. E..: "Analysis of Brain Activation Patterns Using a 3-D Scale-Space Primal Sketch". [3], Il film ha avuto un sequel nel 1972 con Beware! Fortunately, Brian recovers and is able to get Meg to safety as the Blob engulfs the canisters and gets doused by liquid nitrogen when the canisters explode. ( τ 5 2 The police attempt to fry the Blob with a live power line, but it fails and the diner is set ablaze. The Blobs – serie televisiva di animazione del 1997. 0 [9][10] More detailed treatments of applications of grey-level blob detection and the scale-space primal sketch to computer vision and medical image analysis are given in.[11][12][13]. A natural approach to detect blobs is to associate a bright (dark) blob with each local maximum (minimum) in the intensity landscape. As Meddows is about to kill Brian to cover up his crime of creating the Blob, the said creature grabs its creator and drags him toward the manhole, Meddows is able to grab on to the edge, but the Blob oozes inside his suit and after a struggle, Meddows is dragged into the sewer, eaten by his own creation. A detailed analysis of the selection properties of the determinant of the Hessian operator and other closely scale-space interest point detectors is given in (Lindeberg 2013a)[1] showing that the determinant of the Hessian operator has better scale selection properties under affine image transformations than the Laplacian operator. One main reason is to provide complementary information about regions, which is not obtained from edge detectors or corner detectors. The Blob attacks a diner with Steve, Jane, and her brother Danny trapped inside along with the diner's owner and waitress. Meg tries to save him, but fails and is forced to run as the Blob closes in on her and Kevin. ^ , x By considering the scale-normalized determinant of the Hessian, also referred to as the Monge–Ampère operator, where It crushes Hargis and then starts targeting the townspeople. ; In more recent work, blob descriptors have found increasingly popular use as interest points for wide baseline stereo matching and to signal the presence of informative image features for appearance-based object recognition based on local image statistics. ) The container pops open and the substance is revealed to be the Blob, which thaws out and revives. At the theater, a projectionist named Phil Hobbes is relaxing and playing with a yo-yo in the projection room when it starts getting hot in the room. ( Consume every living being in its path. Then, the result of applying the Laplacian operator. La pellicola ebbe un notevole successo, incassando circa quattro milioni di dollari,[7] tuttavia Steve McQueen ricevette un compenso di soli 3000 dollari, poiché l'attore aveva rifiutato l'offerta dei produttori di ricevere il 10% dei ricavi del film in quanto aveva bisogno urgente e immediato di denaro e non pensava che la pellicola avrebbe incassato così tanto al botteghino. is based on the following classification rules: Compared to other watershed methods, the flooding in this algorithm stops once the intensity level falls below the intensity value of the so-called delimiting saddle point associated with the local maximum. An old man finds it and pokes the meteorite using a piece of a tree branch, making it crack and reveal the small Blob inside. t The Blob (Beware! x Eating organisms. In origine il film si intitolava infatti The Molten Meteor, fino a quando i produttori sentirono per caso la sceneggiatrice Kay Linaker riferirsi al mostro del film identificandolo con l'appellativo di "The Blob".[5]. x In terms of scale selection, blobs defined from scale-space extrema of the determinant of the Hessian (DoH) also have slightly better scale selection properties under non-Euclidean affine transformations than the more commonly used Laplacian operator (Lindeberg 1994, 1998, 2015). , L {\displaystyle (x_{0},y_{0};t_{0})} , If any of the higher neighbors are still allowed to grow, clear their flag which allows them to grow. Nel 1988 ne è stato prodotto un remake intitolato Blob - Il fluido che uccide per la regia di Chuck Russell[3], che però fu un clamoroso fiasco ai botteghini. let the notation "higher neighbour" stand for "neighbour pixel having a higher grey-level value". y Nel 1960 viene distribuito in Germania Ovest il 18 marzo e in Francia il 1º aprile. , m Given an input image Un signore anziano, in modo del tutto casuale, ne scopre l'esistenza e con l'ausilio di un bastone l'apre, liberando involontariamente la misteriosa creatura nascosta al suo interno. γ Jones fires a few shots before realizing that bullets are not going to work and flees.

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