He responded promptly and the PEC was set up within 24 hours of when things were resolved on my end. But Poste Italiane will not send me SMS code to my Dutch phone number (+31, 0031, tried it all). Luckly we found this website and left the message without much expectation from a quick response, but David and his team replied to me just 10 mins after I submitted the SOS message, and helped out to register the account for us and saved our whole efforts spent on the tendering, which is amazing! I have written already to Public office which I needed to using PEC email. PEC stands for posta elettronica certificata which means “certified email”. You will then need to choose an address (e.g. I will send you an email as soon as possible to let you know what I can do for you. It is too late? Dear Abhishek, In order for your message to have legal value, you will need to send a PEC message from your Italian PEC address to another Italian PEC address (Italian public administration, citizens, private companies etc. Also could we use a third party provider like mailchimp or mailgun to send such emails to PEC emails. ** PEC Unica 3GB 34€ instead of € 43 + VAT. Just to list a few, the most used ones are the following: LegalMail, ArubaPEC, Postecert, Register.it, Libero. Thank you! can you help me. The revenue we earn by the advertisements is used to manage this website, we request you to whitelist our website in your adblocking plugin. The PEC service provided by Register.it is certified by the Agenzia per L'Italia Digitale which guarantees the highest level of security possible. Just subscribed to your Newsletter. I need urgently a pec mail, i have to send my documents to an Italian university tomorrow. Hi I live in Canada and my family members in Italy Need me to send them a pec can I do it from my regular email address. must have a PEC address. Can I set up a pec from outside of Italy, or use a third party pec, to email them? Thanks. Apply for my request and David answered me very quickly. I need to send an email from a PEC account, tomorrow. Can I, as a US resident get a PEC account? Gret business to deal with Highly recommended Jean-Marc Bélouard Biodesy USA, David was contacted as our company needed a PEC.it e mail account to conduct business with an Italian company. In anticipation of relocating to Italy, I needed a PEC to correspond with the Italian government. I had been trying for days to discover a) what one was and b) how to obtain one. we´re new in Italy and so we´re getting to know the country and all the rules. Vademecum Italia provides professional assistance to foreigners or Italians living abroad in the following ways: Privacy Policy(function (w,d) {var loader = function () {var s = d.createElement("script"), tag = d.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; s.src = "//cdn.iubenda.com/iubenda.js"; tag.parentNode.insertBefore(s,tag);}; if(w.addEventListener){w.addEventListener("load", loader, false);}else if(w.attachEvent){w.attachEvent("onload", loader);}else{w.onload = loader;}})(window, document); Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. There were some technical problems with my bank here in the US and David was cooperative and patient as these issues were resolved. I was wondering if there is any way I can get a PEC without an Italian telephone number please? Highly recommended! As said above, from a legal point of view, a PEC message is very different from a regular email message. We guarantee the compliant archiving of your certified mails, with timestamp and digital signature, you just have to activate it on your webmail! If you need assistance with the opening of an Italian PEC account, please send an email to, Having said the above, should you want to send a PEC message in Italian even though you do not speak Italian, please. I even spent 15$ which I believe was wasted. Usually, they all ask for a monthly/annual subscription. You were a great help and I couldn’t believe I got it within a couple of days! The process was quick, easy, and professional. Please advise. Hello, I am in need of a pec email address.. It took less than one day after sending my data. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Hi, I need a PEC email but I am not living in Italy, can you help me? Can you please assist? HI Davide, I have a question. As an American, I needed a PEC to correspond with a local Italian government regarding possible future business operations. PEC on your domain. The PEC is very useful to send the documents to the offices of the Public Administration, to send and receive work documents, and more and more often to participate in public competitions. I am delighted that i can now manage my own water bills using this system, it is so more secure and reliable. Hi David, My Name is Paulo Farnezi and I’m writing from São paulo, Brazil. He is very professional and went as far as making sure my account is in English without me requesting it because I am foreign which I appreciated very much. You receive an SMS on your mobile and you are sure not miss any message. I was struggling to have a registration with ALBO and thanks to your help in creating the PEC account I was finally able to have it. I founded the VADEMECUM assistance site. I need to send an application for a Post-Doc position in Italy and they asked me to send the application by using a PEC account soon. You work very efficient and adequate. Because my deadline is very soon 31st, Oct, 2020, CET 23:59, I am woundering, with you help, it is possible to get a pec email address before this deadline? * You can choose the PEC Agile for free and, from the moment of order confirmation, you have 6 months free to activate your address by choosing one of the many domains available and using your PEC. Less than 24hrs later I am using my PEC email which is a fundamental requirement for my work. You can think of a PEC email as an electronic registered letter (lettera raccomandata). In order for these to represent a correspondence with legal relevance of the business activity, they must be kept for 10 years according to the law. It has been more than 8 days that I have written to Questura (Public office in my case). We could not have gotten our PEC without him. I am asking for help when activating the certificate. Of the fact is how to apply our unique signature on every email that is certified: that email is our, not been used by anyone else. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can do for you. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Thank you. We promptly verify the identity of certified mails applicants to protect you and all users from potential illegal activities. Finally we´re able to receive e/mails in PEC (since we have a Partita IVa etc,.). I found the information very useful and really appreciate your efforts. Potrai controllare la posta e gestire i tuoi appuntamenti, i contatti e la lista delle attività! I especially appreciated his clear communication and great efficiency throughout the process, and would highly recommend his services. Our service is certified by AgID. Of the fact is how to apply our unique signature on every email that is certified: that email is our, not been used by anyone else. David is very prompt to reply and his messages are very clear. Or do we have to submit projects, or work documents to our staff or the head? Oltre che controllare la posta, puoi gestire appuntamenti sul calendario, i tuoi contatti e la lista delle attività! Can you help me to get one. For those who are interested better to know in advance of costs: the minimum price starts from 5 euros/year for personal addresses. Thank you David and Vademecumitalia for the superb service. I need POSTA ELECTRONICA CERTIFICATA please therefore need your help in it please thanks! At the end of the 6 months, only in case of non-renewal of the service , you will be charged the setup costs of the service of € 9.90. Register SpA - VAT code & Fiscal Code: 04628270482. We’ve all heard of the difficulties and delays in working with the Italian authorities, and its great to have David on my side helping me with such matters. I need to obtain a PEC email address, but I live the USA and the provider sites I have tried expect an Italian postal address. I am desperate and in need of help. There are many things that a PEC address owner can do, such as: In order to obtain a PEC address, you will only need to visit the provider’s website and follow the instructions to open a PEC account. Simply associate your Pec email accounts with the Kit, from the Pec Mail Control Panel, in the Login Smart Card section. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. What normally takes days you did it in a couple of hours. I encourage anyone interested in opening an account to use this service. Peter. I look forward to hearing from you. David, I am an American citizen seeking dual Italian dual citizenship. Hello Dear,  I am Aziz from Morocco, Please can you help me. This process makes a PEC message similar to a registered letter. Fast, complete. Steps to Access pec.edu.in Email: Click here to Download Manual. Hy. Here are the best services. Sandra, We have been chatting via whatsapp so I know you have your answer. I contacted David for assistance with setting up a PEC email address. The PEC is a personal email inbox (but can be made to companies) that has a certificate of the user of the same. Usually, you will need to insert your personal information, then upload a copy of your identity document, and of your Italian tax code (not always). This communication system is currently used in Italy, Switzerland, and Hong Kong. Your assistance is greatly needed. Consider to switch to the new Webmail: an advanced PIM (Personal Information Manager) that gives you the possibility to manage email, contacts, appointments and tasks. Can you help me to get one? Hello, I have to create a PEC email, but I’m not from Italy, I live in Brazil and I wanted to send an email to Italy asking for documents from my lineage, how can I get it? I need to send an application for my postdoctoral study. Please inform me as soon as possible. All come back undeliverable. Very efficient and helpful. Dear Robert, Please send me an email (assistance@vademecumitalia.com). Hi David, I am a Romanian professional interpreter with no Italian CF nor VAT no. It depends on the office. On your certified mailbox you will receive electronic invoices, both in XML and PDF format, you can consult or download them whenever you want. I have already sent in the marriage certificate so I can be recorded in my comune and the Italian Consulate has confirmed that as well. Could we send to a PEC Email using any other email Provider abc.gmail.com to abc.pec.it -> Could we do that ? I am from India and I need a PEC account and I also want to register for Active Income Scheme, Molise. The PEC is a personal email inbox (but can be made to companies) that has a certificate of the user of the same. Thanks for your help! i have been trying to do it on my own and i having series of unconclusion. I am from overseas (not in Italy) and I need to open a PEC email address for communication with Italian Administration. I tried Legalmail after that and it also will not recognize my Dutch phone number. Our professionals are available to offer you assistance and help you order the product you wish. I am from India, Can i oper PEC account? I am Canadian, and currently in Canada. thanks Michael, Hi David hope all is well I am from Pakistan Sialkot.. , Thanks David for your help with opening a pec account for me. PEC stands for posta elettronica certificata which means “certified email”. i need PEC address. Thank you. Thank’s a lot David I can now continue with my neccessary actions where I need PEC email account. Hi david i need a pec email for phd purposes im from abroad. It is advisable to type the content of your message in the “body” of the PEC message, and not only as an attachment. Explain me well the procedure and cost. Nothing in the spam either. The web changes people and the things they do. I am keeping him in my contact list and WhatsApp list, in case I need his help when I get to Italy. Same question on the codice destinatario ? In order to obtain the codice univoco, the interested party must register with the Revenue Agency or purchase the services offered by an intermediary. Aruba offers the PEC standard 5-euro + VAT per year with a mailbox is 1GB and the anti-virus/anti-spam included. i am jigar from india. Transcription of marriages celebrated abroad in the Italian Registers of Civil Status. Is there anyway to obtain a PEC as a foreigner? Thanks. yourname@pec.it) and a password, just like any other email account. The price of the PEC Unica 5GB is 59€ instead of 68€ + VAT Accedi alla tua casella PEC con la Webmail da browser. i want to know how to make pec email id i am farrukh from Pakistan, I need to apply a post – postdoctoral program in Italy i have to send my application to chimind.dipartimento@pec.unibo.it i can only send my application using certified email (PEC in Italy) I am from india. I highly recommend David’s service. It only took a few days to open your pec account. which agent provides free or low cost of such services? Dear Liana, You need a pec address. Register.it is certified as Qualified Trust Service Provider for the trustee services provided in accordance with Regulation (EU) 910/2014 eIDAS. As a matter of fact, even though it is possible to demonstrate which files were attached to your email, the recipient could, in theory, state that, for example, the attachment was empty or the file was corrupted or unreadable. Email Services are provided to Faculty Members and Students of the institute to quickly and easily send electronic files such as text documents, photos and data sheets through an email. Its urgent. Outstanding. I sent emails, in italian, to the Comune di Borgia and Catanzaro for my grandmother’s birth certificate. I am interested in knowing the cost to obtain one and have some further questions about your fees. I am a Chinese living in France. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Or only PEC e-mail can write to PEC e-mail? Dear Vijaya, Please confirm that you have received my emails. Your PEC archive complete with messages and notifications. Muhammad, I am sorry but I have no idea. Dear Rolf, Thank you for your kind comment. How long will it take to get response from their side? In fact, the main difference is in the electronic address, so you will have yourname@pec.it or yourname@legalmail.it etc., instead of yourname@gmail.com or yourname@yahoo.com etc.. You can also insert the PEC address in your outlook, or download the messages into your Gmail account. First of all, only businessmen, companies, and professionals (e.g.lawyers, notaries, etc.) How can we enable a PEC box? Living in South Africa trying to apply for residence in italy. hi. I needed a PEC account ASAP. However, I don’t have Codice Fiscale. Moreover, sending a PEC message is just like a regular email in the sense that it will not cost you anything. Am i so late? We found David responsive and extremely quick. We can use Mozilla Thunderbird, open source, multi-platform, able to manage very well the PEC. All I can say is David is a reliable bet, if you are seeking to have a PEC account, not only very reliable but his candid and clear guide is what makes him incredible. Obviously, the Poste Italiane are in the first row to offer to the interested users of the PEC. PEC messages are digital documents with legal value.. bank account. In many cases, a registered letter (lettera raccomandata) takes a long time to get to its destination, or it gets lost, or is addressed to the wrong person/office, or to a general address and not to the specific office of your interest (for example in case you write to big companies or Ministries). please read the guide above. Dear David, I get an admission in university of spenzia Italy,after submitting my DOV (deceleration of value) the university foreign student Department send me email in which Scholar ship were announced so as i proceed through there give link there are required information for confirmation in which they want my VAT number,PEC and Fiscal Code although i know my fiscal code but what are PEC and VAT number i have to Submitt my document before 30th may 2019, so kindly asses my queries and help me it will be very appreciable. I am Non Italian. This means that, for example, you can officially communicate with an Italian public administration even if you are abroad. I need to open a PEC account, I am not Italian. I was in need of a PEC email account, and Vademecumitalia helped me to get one within a couple of days. There are official databases that will allow you to verify if your recipient has an official PEC address where you can send your PEC message (for example INI-PEC). I am a Kazakh citizen and I need urgently a pec e-mail to send my documents to the University of Pisa. Thank you David. He answered all the questions I asked within minutes and made the process seem so simple. The PEC accounts are not provided free of charge: all the operators now present on national territory, ask in exchange for an annual subscription, the costs of which vary depending on the storage space provided and ancillary services. I am not an Italian citizen and I am in need of a pec address to complete my application. Best regards, Herman, Dear David, Thank you so much for helping me getting an Italian PEC email adress. Thank you again for your invaluable help is securing me a unique pec.it certified email address. Le chiediamo cortesemente di inviarci una nuova richiesta questa volta con un indirizzo email corretto dove poterle rispondere. Rens, I sent you an email one minute ago. days after you send it). So, if, for example, you want to send a letter that you have signed as an attachment to your PEC message, you could also copy and paste its content in the “body” of the email, so that you are sure that the recipient will read your message which makes it certain that it comes from you (because the PEC address legally proves the sender’s identity). All feeds are public, if you want to remove your site please insert in your robots.txt "User-agent: BitBot Disallow: /" or contact [email protected]. or even a private citizen (see above). webmail.pec.aruba.it Rank: (Rank based on keywords, cost and organic traffic) 241,557 Organic Keywords: (Number of keywords in top 20 Google SERP) 2,485 Organic Traffic: (Number of visitors coming from top 20 search results) 5,476 Organic Cost: ((How much need to spend if get same number of visitors from Google Adwords) $1,953.00 Adwords Keywords: David has made this process so simple and transparent, giving me clear instructions and guidance. Can you help me? Is there a limit ? David has been extremely helpful in organising a PEC email address for me. Thanks so much David! Please consider that if you send a PEC message from your PEC address to an ordinary email address (for example, @gmail.com or @yahoo.com etc. Our PEC solutions include everything you need to keep your messages as required by law. Can you help me? store a pec address in a system?). Many thanks to #David for his considerate and informed advise…and his patience. Hi there, I don’t have an Italian phone number yet. How can i create such account? If you don’t see it, please check your spam. So for the Molise ACTIVE RESIDENCE INCOME PROGRAMME. Webmail. Contact Us to be indexed in the BitFeed Network. Could you guide me how to create one Thanks. I got immediate replies from him with all the information and in under 24 hours he had a pec email up and running for me. The price of the PEC Unica 5GB is 59€ instead of 68€ + VAT How many characters could a PEC address have ? He’s reasonably priced and a pleasure to work with. Thank you. The cost of renewal of the PEC Agile with Conservation is equal to € 33.90 + VAT for one year, except for promotions. Excellent job. We can try one of these if the recommended ones at the top are not to our liking. Then I came across your web site and the rest was, as they say, history. Activate now, it's included in your mailbox. I would like to open a PEC address so that I can apply for ErGO grant for my university studies. Upon renewal, the price applied is the list price. Primi 6 mesi Gratis loading.. For the private costs euro 5.50 + VAT a year, offers a box of 100MB and the ability to send up to 200 messages a day. Hi David. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The setup cost will be charged to you even if you do not complete product activation. I am not Italian, I am nowhere connected with Italy. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. I am from Nepal.i have send my regular email all documents but didn’t send .how to create pec account.how I can send documents.i have more time send ..but didn’t send. I need it for only one project with legal documents, therefore I cannot use a shared PEC. In this regard, kindly seek your assistance in finding an appropriate solution at the earliest. Also the provider Aruba offers the PEC and it is the most economic on the market. I look forward to reading your answer. Really grateful and will always come back should i need any of his professional assistance. Today is Wednesday, i already go my pec mail, so efficient!He is always ready to help,Thanks. It ensures the company has an Information Security Management System and respects it at all stages of the process and development of the PEC product. Still I am trying. I intend to use David’s services for all things Italian as I become an Italian citizen. Is an Italian number necessary for requesting a PEC? I am so happy that I have contacted David for opening an PEC account for me. The cost of renewal of the PEC Agile with Conservation is equal to € 33.90 + VAT for one year, except for promotions. If you are able to write in Italian, a PEC address can be your best solution whenever you need to send a registered letter to an Italian Company, public administration, bank, etc. Thanks in advance! I will send you an email shortly to let you know how you can open a pec account. I am not sure I understood your question and case (number of characters? Without a single doubt David is a gem; easy to work with, prompt, ultra- fluent in English and explains what needs to be explained and understood. ), the more the cost will be (for example 25/40/60 euros etc.). David is a reliable, responsible and patient person. send a message that has the equivalent legal value of a registered letter; formally request information or documents from an Italian public administration; protect the copyright of a text (you send a PEC to your own address); formally state a fact that will have legal value; opening and closing Italian bank accounts; putting you in contact with an English speaking Italian attorney/Notary; obtaining certificates of residency/birth/marriage/death,etc. I am an EU-citizen and I need a PEC email address. HI David, I am living in the USA, but I need a PEC. I would appreciate if you could contact me. Le risponderemo quanto prima indicandole come può fare per aprire una casella pec a nome della sua azienda. Hello, it is possible to obtain a PEC adress for an EU citizen not living in Italy, without CF, online from abroad? Your blog talks about How To Create A Certified Electronic Mail (Pec)? Luiz, It depends on the recipient. We regularly need to correspondence with local towns and governments throughout Italy and have been seeking a way to open a PEC account for a long time. My Pec account was ready, a few hours after i contacted him. In fact, an email sent from a PEC address proves the sender’s identity, the date and time of sending and receiving the message, and its content.
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