This is happening in places like Bosnia and in Kosovo (where there is a small Turkish minority). Hear him read his comic memoir Pleasant Hell in audiobook format. Next to their numbers, whatever’s in Turkey is “small potatoes” (as memorably phrased by Hyman Roth in Godfather 2). Required fields are marked *. Buy his book The War Nerd Iliad. In jener Zeit herrschten Pressezensur und beschränkte Meinungsfreiheit; offizielle Untersuchungen waren nicht objektiv. Darin gibt er an, den Mordauftrag von Ajatollah Chomeini persönlich erhalten zu haben. Let me briefly explain them. They’re closely linked to CIA and Nazi groups; they’re very busy beating, burning, and murdering minorities of all kinds, and boast quite openly about hating literally everyone who’s not a member of their own ethnic group and sect, even suggesting that members go on “hunting expeditions” against minorities which they’d already almost wiped out back in the 20th century. No mercy for anyone who fails either test, which means that a lot of Kurds, a lot of Alevis, a lot of secular Leftists, end up dead or in prison. They have quite a record. Why don’t more people notice that? Über sein Tatmotiv äußerte Ağca im Lauf der Jahre Widersprüchliches. Agca's visit came exactly 31 years after John Paul visited him in prison in Rome to forgive him for the 1981 shooting that nearly killed the leader of the world's Catholics. Während zwei Kugeln den linken Zeigefinger[1] zertrümmerten und einen Streifschuss am rechten Unterarm verursachten, zerstörte die dritte Kugel mehrere Dünndarmschlingen und trat schließlich knapp neben der Wirbelsäule wieder aus. A recent example is Turkey’s shipping of Syrian Islamist mercenaries to Azerbaijan to fight in Karabakh. Mehmet Ali Ağca è stato un militante nell'organizzazione terroristica di estrema destra denominata "Lupi grigi". Under Erdogan, there seems (from the outside) to be a sort of truce between the spectrum from state secularists to more radical muslims, united by nationalism and a hatred of leftists and the Kurds and other minorities. I love the tactical level, and secretly love even the horse race, since I’ve been blogging about it daily for fourteen years, but everything I write has this perspective at the back of it. I don’t much care about the “ism” that delivers the benefits, although whichever one does have to put common humanity first, as opposed to markets. They’re not shy about it, and it’s not just talk. Newer Post A flood of reactions to Hollywood’s 'Noah' Granted authorisation to pay his respects under a discreet police escort, Agca was filmed by the ADNKronos news agency murmuring a prayer at the side of the tomb after he placed his bouquet of white roses. Nevertheless, since they are in the trenches with Erdogan, they are at least on the same side as Sunni Islamists on many fronts. Subscribe to the Radio War Nerd podcast & newsletter! Februar 1979 den türkischen Journalisten Abdi İpekçi und verübte am 13. Mai 1981 mit einer Pistole. Mehmet Ali Ağca (* 9. Ganz den Ärzten ausgeliefert – Die lebensgefährlichen Verletzungen des Johannes Paul II. Based on the references to Germany in the second and third paragraphs I’m looking forward to reading more from Gary about the Gray Wolves’ actions there and elsewhere in They’re adapting quickly, and even have their own fierce Wiki defenders. We’ll never know, because it was quickly twisted into the ridiculous “Bulgaria did it” farce by the guys who enjoy a few cocktails with their opposite numbers from Ankara at all those NATO conferences. Mai 1981 schoss er Papst Johannes Paul II. "A thousand thanks holiness," he said in Italian. Gray Wolves is a classic fascist Genesis story, and the behavior of its hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of supporters is classic fascist violence. Nun behauptet er in seinem Buch, der iranische Revolutionsführer Chomeini habe ihn dazu angestiftet. Bis heute ranken sich Verschwörungstheorien um das unaufgeklärte Verbrechen. A big question of course is whether in countries like Germany the Grey Wolves would see other far right nationalist groups as competitors or potential allies when it comes to bashing minorities. Februar 1979 den türkischen Journalisten Abdi İpekçi und verübte am 13. Just look up comments section of any New York Times article on India even mildly critical of Modi and his “nudge-nudge, wink-wink” pogrom-fanning ways and you’ll find no shortage of articulate defenders giving an entirely novel spin to phenomena as varied as setting fire to neighborhoods and total Internet censorship lasting for months in entire regions. By Gary Brecher.Republished from the Radio War Nerd subscriber newsletter. Das Verschwinden der Schülerin Mirella Gregori im Jahr 1983 sei eng mit dem der Jugendlichen Emanuela Orlandi in Rom und dem des sowjetischen Journalisten Oleg Bitow in Venedig verbunden. They’ve been rampaging for decades, and if anything they’re stronger now than they used to be. At the time of the assassination attempt, Agca was on the run from the Turkish authorities over a string of crimes, including the murder of a journalist, and his links to the far-right Grey Wolves movement. We were eight people in the cellar; they did not see us and left.”(EZÖ/TK/AG). “I defy anyone to find a more successful, out-front, no-kidding, massive, effective, ruthless fascist organization anywhere in the world. At its peak, it was a fearsome conquering force. Ağca stand den Grauen Wölfen nahe. It depends whether you see “fascist” as a description of a political programme, or just a term of abuse. The Turkish State apparatus has always been ideologically very firmly secular and very hostile to any political islam. And that level of suffering and organic damage makes the concerns of identity politics — even the worthy fight to help the refugees Bush, Obama, and Clinton’s wars created — bright shiny objects by comparison. Blaming Bulgaria rather than the obvious suspects, the Gray Wolves  to which this thug Ali Agca had been murderously loyal all his life, was especially bizarre since there was an obvious sectarian motive: the Gray Wolves hate Christians, as they hate all other minorities, ethnic or religious, and make a point of staging provocations at all occasions when the remnants of what was once a huge Christian minority dare to show themselves in public. nieder. Readers, I have had a correspondent characterize my views as realistic cynical. "This is a miracle that goes on. November 1979 aus dem Militärgefängnis Maltepe in Istanbul fliehen. Subscribe to Radio War Nerd co-hosted with Mark Ames for podcasts, newsletters and more!. That’s the pattern here: the Gray Wolves as the street-fighting wing of the state. Ottoman rule over non-Turkish territory was erased. Agca, der den inzwischen verstorbenen Papst Johannes Paul II., The assassin of Gandhi (yes, that one) is publicly lionized: schoss. zu töten. Zeugen zufolge sollen ihm einige Soldaten, die den Grauen Wölfen nahe standen (Bünyamin Yilmaz), eine Waffe gegeben und bei der Flucht geholfen haben. I don’t much care, as long as the benefits are delivered. The massacre was organised by MIT (the Turkish secret service), the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and the Islamists together… As soon as I heard about the massacre, I went to Maras. central Europe. Er ermordete am 1. But it’s also happening among Muslim communities in Western Europe, which is one of the reasons for the current bad feeling between France and Turkey. Interesting to see how blithely the author dismisses the “Bulgarian Plot to Kill the Pope” fiction — yet at the time the mainstream media promoted this CIA psy-op as a true story, proving the malevolence of the Communist Bulgarians and demonstrating that their Russian sponsors could never be trusted. das Attentat 1981 in Rom. If the former, then it’s fair to say that all fascist paramilitary groups are extremists, but not all extremist paramilitary groups are fascists. Unser Autor hat den Agenten mit der Nummer 10682 in Warschau getroffen. Raggiunto ad Istanbul dal ‘Mirror‘, Mehmet Ali Agca ricorda l’attentato ed oggi è convinto che “E’ stato destino. Papst-Attentäter nennt Chomeini als Drahtzieher. Some of the bravest people on earth, languishing in the Turkish state’s prisons or buried in unmarked graves, are proudly Turkish by ancestry. Die WELT als ePaper: Die vollständige Ausgabe steht Ihnen bereits am Vorabend zur Verfügung – so sind Sie immer hochaktuell informiert. Raggiunto ad Istanbul dal ‘Mirror‘, Mehmet Ali Agca ricorda l’attentato ed oggi è convinto che “E’ stato destino. Come sono andati i fatti dopo quell’attentato terroristico lo sappiamo tutti. IMAGE: The famous encounter in which Pope John Paul II offered forgiveness to his would-be assassin, Mehmet Ali Agca. Doch schon zwei Jahre zuvor soll ein Attentat auf den Papst in Auftrag gegeben worden sein – vom sowjetischen Politbüro. There is an event called the Dersim Rebellion, in which Alevi, whether Turkish-speaking or Kurdish-speaking, revolted in the late 1930s. Papst-Attentäter bekennt sich wieder zum Islam, Papst-Attentäter nennt Ajatollah Chomeini als Drahtzieher,ğca&oldid=199455217, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“, türkischer Rechtsextremist und Papstattentäter. Everyone knows that such a big massacre cannot be carried out without state involvement. They seem to fulfil the function of unofficial militia for the political power, which you also find in wholly secular countries. I can’t imagine this group finding any friends among e.g. And this genocide went so well, so quietly, that Hitler, contemplating the genocide of the European Jews, allegedly demanded of any squeamish nay-sayers “Who remembers the Armenians?”. I presenti vanno nel panico mentre il Santo Padre cade a terra con la tunica ricoperta di sangue, l’attentatore scappa approfittando della confusione e si libera della pistola gettandola sotto ad un camion. They prefer not to do anything too bloody to high-profile Western targets like a pope, but when you squirt sectarian hate into weak minds and itchy trigger fingers for generations, some of the lads are going to pick the wrong victim. In quella occasione l’attentatore ha chiesto perdono per quello che aveva fatto e Giovanni Paolo II gliel’ha concesso. Location is important here. April 2020 um 14:07 Uhr bearbeitet. ; siehe auch 'Tempi', 1. Nach seiner Haftentlassung will er sich in Polen niederlassen, erklärte sein Anwalt. Zwar versuchten unabhängige Quellen zu belegen, dass es unmöglich gewesen wäre, ohne Unterstützung des Militärs aus dem Militärgefängnis Maltepe zu fliehen, offizielle Anerkennung fand diese Theorie jedoch nicht. Dieses Urteil wurde vor seiner Auslieferung in lebenslange Haft umgewandelt und später verkürzt, sodass er – samt Verurteilungen wegen zweier weiterer Verbrechen in den 1970er Jahren in der Türkei – 36 Jahre Haft vor sich gehabt hätte. Although the Turkish state has been/somewhat still is secular to a first order approximation, in practice it has been willing to co-opt conservative forces especially to enforce its will on the Kurds. Er erhielt eine Gefängnisstrafe, konnte aber am 24. Your email address will not be published. You’d be pushed to find any real religious significance in all this, and I think the same applies to the Grey Wolves: their essential motivation is ethnic (especially anti-Armenian and anti-Kurd), and for them religion is essentially a cultural badge. This is a perennial question with such groups everywhere: how far are such attacks are motivated by genuine religious disagreement on doctrinal issues and how far by cultural differences. Mehmet Ali Agca, the gunman who shot Pope John Paul II in 1981, is escorted into court in Istanbul, Turkey, in this photo from 2000. I don’t understand the politics of NATO, why is this the case in 2020? Please respect our Commenting Policy. The current chant of the Wolves many, many supporters is “My heart is Turkish and my soul is Muslim!” You must be both: ethnically Turkish and orthodox, Sunni Muslim as well. Allerdings lässt der Zeitpunkt seiner Enthüllung aufhorchen. zu töten. And on the day of the killing, he went to the National Action Party offices.”. Here's where states are at, Calls for reform to WA bail act grow louder after 11-year-old's suicide, Boyfriend of Melbourne woman who was killed in her home posts online tribute, Donald Trump fires agency boss who vouched for 2020 vote security, Girl whose rare vanishing white matter disease triggered a search for a cure dies, 'Pineapple' Hooper is offered and accepts role as Rockhampton mayor, AFL tweaks rules as it looks to 'open up the game' in 2021, Widespread power outages in NT hit Darwin and stretch to Katherine, Jurors listen to recording of Jack De Belin telling family that sex was consensual. I hate to speculate, because the range of possible answers all boils down to cowardice, conformity, and the odd Euro-centrism one finds in the strangest places. It’s rare for those stories to make the news at all, but God knows you can’t forget them once you’ve read them. Wollte Gorbatschow den Papst ermorden lassen? Agca announced his conversion in a … The boards were burning and falling on top of us. He had a track record of killing leftists and other enemies on behalf of the “Idealists” (seriously, that’s what the Wolves call themselves): “The weapon used in the Feb. 1, 1979, murder of a Turkish newspaper editor, Abdi Ipekci, for which Mr. Agca was convicted, was supplied by a member of the Idealist Clubs, according to the Turkish authorities. AEST = Australian Eastern Standard Time which is 10 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), South Australia ordered into major six-day lockdown amid COVID-19 outbreak, 'We have police officers on standby': Panic buying sets in ahead of SA coronavirus lockdown, Live: Queensland holds on to win thrilling Origin decider, What experts have to say about SA's 'sneaky strain' of COVID-19, Australia warned of 'countermeasures' from China over new defence pact with Japan, Crown blocked from opening new Sydney casino at Barangaroo after money laundering bombshell, Here's what you need to know about South Australia's coronavirus lockdown, 'Like a bomb went off'': Video shows car crashing into packed restaurant while doing burnout. I sono molto contento che non è morto. [5] The campaign against them built up for weeks, as pogroms usually do, with the unpredictable pace partly a result of working with unstable, violent mobs but also part of a strategy to terrorize the victims, who never know when things will go from bad (very bad) to even-worse. Dafür soll es jetzt erstmals einen Beweis geben. This kind of population lives in a state of siege, glories in that feeling, and is almost always willing to lash out against the sea of minorities they imagine surrounding them. "He has put flowers on the tomb of John Paul II. Erdogan maintains a majority through coalition with the MHP, which is the political wing of the Grey Wolves. Klicken Sie auf den Button, spielen wir den Hinweis auf dem anderen Gerät aus und Sie können SPIEGEL+ weiter nutzen. The mystery of Fatima goes on. But that state, our NATO ally, supports a whole madhouse of Arab and Turkmen jihadis as well as its own stable of disposable Gray Wolves assassins, so it may never be clear whether it was the Wolves, precisely, who pressed the detonators. Nun überrascht der Attentäter mit einem Besuch an dessen Grab. They hardly bothered to hide their collusion in the escape. I’d always understood the Grey Wolves to be very much on the secular (i.e fascist) side of the equation. Many were, in fact, promoted, and hold high positions in Erdogan’s government today. Gary Brecher is the nom de guerre-nerd of John Dolan. Zuvor organisierte er in Ankara und Istanbul zusammen mit seinem Weggefährten Abdullah Çatlı Schießereien und Straßenkämpfe gegen links- und kemalistisch orientierte Studenten. The motive for Agca's 1981 attack on the Pope remains a mystery. Quando ho sparato avevo 23 anni, ero giovane e ignorante”. I don’t know where the Grey Wolves fit in among this, and whether this is really a stable coalition or if it all has the potential to fall apart in violence if Erdogan keeps making his usual strategic errors. The history is that the Alevi–and estimates go from 15 to 25 million in the population of Turkey of, let’s say, 80 million. Then, as most of you know, came Mustafa Kemal, soon to become Kemal Ataturk, a hero of Gallipoli (a Turkish/Ottoman victory that stood out proudly in the great defeat). All of which led to the organisation being disbanded last month, to predictable howls of “Islamophobia” from Erdogan, whom they seem to revere as their leader. Oggi voglio raccontarvi una pagina di storia recente italiana che mi ha visto direttamente coinvolto: ... “L'attentatore del Papa, Ali' Agca Mehmet, che sta scontando l' ergastolo al carcere di Ancona, ha ottenuto una riduzione della pena di 405 giorni per buona condotta. Mehmet Ali Agca è tornato a parlare dell’attentato a Papa Giovanni Paolo II (1981) in una lunga intervista rilasciata al Daily Mirror. Ein Mann aus dem engsten Umkreis von Johannes Paul II. 1979 ermordete er den Journalisten Abdi İpekçi (Chef der türkischen Zeitung Milliyet). This was meant to be a reply to PK’s original comment. SPIEGEL+-Zugang wird gerade auf einem anderen Gerät genutzt. Erdogan has a policy sometimes described as “Neo-Ottomanism”, to establish Turkey as the major Sunni player in the Levant and the Eastern Mediterranean. the Michael Flynn story) want you to know about it. And I defy anyone to find a more successful, out-front, no-kidding, massive, effective, ruthless fascist organization anywhere in the world. E’ stato destino che sopravvivesse. I’m talking about the Gray Wolves. They fought well, and then they went about making Turkey a monoethnic state, without mercy. Laut eigenen Bekundungen gegenüber den Medien ist er inzwischen zum Katholizismus übergetreten. 33 Jahre nach dem Anschlag bittet er nun in einem offenen Brief um ein Treffen mit dessen Nachfolger in der Türkei. Do you think that Americans know who the Greek Orthodox are, let alone Alevi? Weitere Informationen:, Der Kurz-Link dieses Artikels lautet: Nach den Islam-Äußerungen von Benedikt XVI. Perhaps 20 or 30 years from now, if there are any historians or writers left, they will automatically write off the Novochok and Russiagate narratives as fantasies of the intelligence agencies. This service may include material from Agence France-Presse (AFP), APTN, Reuters, AAP, CNN and the BBC World Service which is copyright and cannot be reproduced. But it’s a statistical certainty that somewhere along the long line from greenlighting an attack like this and sending red-hot ball bearings splattering into the bodies of teenagers with peace banners, many of the men involved were members in good standing of the good ol’ Wolves. Jahrestag der ersten Marienerscheinung von Fátima fiel, schrieb Johannes Paul II. Couldn’t the US pull their nukes out and NATO could give Turkey the boot if they really wanted to? Nach fast drei Jahrzehnten in Haft ist der Papst-Attentäter Mehmet Ali Agca wieder frei. Thanks for this question, which I have as well. They guessed wrong, but not before they managed to exterminate the harmless Armenians who had recently been patronized as Turkey’s “model minority” for their docility. The files he had were never made public. He was killed for pursuing the case anyway. NATO might survive the loss of many other small European states, but it could not survive losing Turkey. Januar 1958 in Hekimhan, Malatya) ist ein türkischer Rechtsextremist. The Young Turks, as these officers were called, sided with the up-and-coming, efficient military of the neighboring empire: Germany. Today, there people in the third generation who may not even speak Turkish but may still have Turkish passports and lack German passports, since both Germany and Turkey have obstructed dual citizenship in the past. Am 13. Orthodox Christians are the Wolves’ preferred prey. The Gray Wolves ideology is very widespread and acceptable in many (not all) communities in Turkey. To me, the key issue — and this is why Medicare for All is always first with me — is the tens of thousands of excess “deaths from despair,” as described by the Case-Deaton study, and other recent studies. You get a lot of horrible echoes like that in this story. Anschließend nahm ihn die italienische Polizei fest, weil er ohne Schengen-Visum in Italien eingereist war. In fact the Gray Wolves are going mainstream, and winning a lot of votes. Januar 2006. So the attacks on the Alevi aren’t mere religious signifiers. Mehmet Ali Agca, the Turkish man who nearly assassinated Pope John Paul II in May 1981, says he has converted to Catholicism. They have apparently been running training camps for French citizens of Turkish extraction. Topless feminist activist grabs baby Jesus statue in St Peter's Square. That’s why Gazantiep keeps making the news as a nice convenient safe house for IS and their Turkish allies, some of whom killed 57 Kurds at a wedding in 2016. Murad Sezer / AP file April 4, 2005, 3:44 PM UTC I don't think council tax should be based... one of my favorite people(along with Rev. Topless feminist activist grabs baby Jesus statue in St Peter's Square, Pope condemns Islamic State's 'brutal persecution' of minorities, Army chief tells personnel to learn from war crimes inquiry and 'never let it happen again', Vote counting is still underway in the US. There’s something grotesquely comic about this. Papst-Attentäter will mit Lebensgeschichte Millionen kassieren. Fascism of the 1930s was European, and that’s the only kind amateurs notice? This group recently held massive, open rallies in the cities of Germany, and it’s only in the last few years that the government has even attempted to ban the public symbols and salutes of this massive fascist group. Er erklärte, was an dem Buch überprüfbar sei, habe sich als falsch herausgestellt.[9]. Es geht um den Verkauf millionenschwerer Film- und Buchrechte. They too have tens of thousands of Wiki defenders just in North America (quite a high percentage of them with graduate degrees comfortably living in suburbia, but with a fire in their belly indicative of a well-known phenomenon: “Diaspora Nationalism”). All I know is that we have a massive, ultra-violent, highly effective, classically fascist movement killing minorities every single day, and there’s an odd silence about it. Ağca versuchte nach den Schüssen zu fliehen, konnte aber vom päpstlichen Personenschützer Camillo Cibin gestellt werden und wurde festgenommen. Viele Türken glauben, dass Agca bald sterben wird. Perhaps it’s not so much any of the excuses I suggested above; perhaps some hunters just prefer smaller, easy prey to the real thing. And we’ll never know how much daily violence this massive fascist gang inflicts. Il 13 maggio del 1981, in una piazza San Pietro gremita di pellegrini festanti per l’arrivo del Papa, Mehmet Ali Agca si fa largo tra la folla esce dalla tasca una 9mm e fa fuoco quattro volte contro Giovanni Paolo II. The Grey Wolves (as the paramilitary arm of Turkish soft power overseas) fit into this scheme. Maras is due north of Aleppo across the Syrian border, NW of Kobane, and above all just up the road from Gazantiep. an und verletzte ihn schwer. Papst-Attentäter Agca aus der Haft entlassen. Read more: Assassination, Cia, Erdogan, Fascism, Gray Wolves, Mehmet Ali Agca, Nationalism, Pope John Paul II, Turkey, Gary Brecher, Radio War Nerd, The War Nerd. Diese Aussage wurde jedoch bestritten. Fascism is often strongest in the ruins of a defeated empire, and that was the situation in the former Ottoman Empire in the 1920s. Long live Jesus Christ!". gesteht, dass er den Papst jahrelang ausspioniert hat. zu töten. I understand why Becher uses the word “fascist” all the time, and it’s effective rhetorically, but really the Grey Wolves are a fairly standard extremist paramilitary group, of a kind found all over the area where, ironically, the Ottoman Empire used to be, as well as in places like Poland and Hungary where there is a strong tradition of extreme nationalism to feed on. [7], Nach seiner Entlassung aus türkischer Haft veröffentlichte Mehmet Ali Ağca seine Memoiren in italienischer Sprache mit dem Titel Mi avevano promesso il paradiso („Sie hatten mir das Paradies versprochen“). He initially testified that he had acted alone but later claimed the Bulgarian and Soviet secret services had orchestrated the attempted murder because of the Polish Pope's anti-communist stance. Dort war er wegen des Mordes an İpekçi in Abwesenheit zum Tode verurteilt worden. Nachdem er im Juli 1981 zu einer Freiheitsstrafe verurteilt worden war, amnestierte ihn am 13. "I felt the need to make this gesture," he told police, according to Italian media who had been tipped off in advance about his visit. They have taken at least ten lightly-wounded people from the hospital downstairs and killed them.’ This was done under the control of the head physician of the Maras State Hospital. Dezember 2014 legte Ağca im Petersdom zwei Sträuße weißer Rosen am Grab von Johannes Paul II. Indeed, many such groups are traditionalist and reactionary, idealising their nation’s history and calling themselves after heroes of the past. Adesso, 39 anni dopo, l’ex terrorista è un uomo profondamente cambiato. Nun behauptet er in seinem Buch, der iranische Revolutionsführer Chomeini habe ihn dazu angestiftet. Raggiunto dal Mirror, il terrorista Ali Agca che cercò di uccidere Giovanni Paolo II racconta come quell’episodio ha cambiato la sua vita. Just as the AfD opposes integration, so do the Turkish nationalists oppose integration.
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